1)Toto Bevilaqua:
-bit rude to lou at the start
- carried a flashlight
-liked the captain
-doesnt like the harpies
- basically an asshole

2) Commissioner Diamond:
- boss
- looking to find investigation result yielding max profit to FW

3) James Steel, Edward Withy Hall
- principals of Furness Withy

4) Deceased: Sabapathy Pillai
-long years of experience

5) Radio operator (?) Mike Dennison
-said suspiscious things on radio to company

6) Brendan Frederick

-apron (chef?)
-turns out he’s the steward
-not as enthused about the captain as others on the shift
-doesn’t like the Harpies

7) Hamid
-believes we’re here to cover things up
-doesn’t like Lee Soo (?)
- liked the captain

8) Ed Punchard
-chief mate
-in charge of night shift

9) Lee Soo
-gonna take charge of day shift
-really torn up about captain dying
-expected to be replaced for navigating into port
-weepy guy

10) Andy
-retard in the opinion of hamid and toto
-didn’t get along with authority

11) Doug
- didnt get along with authority

12) The Harpies
-unpopular according to Frederick
-drink a lot
-bible thumpers
-basically a couple of shitass americans

Session info:

-3 shifts with watch officers.
-Morning shift has Toto in charge.
-Captain in charge of day shift
-Punchard in charge of night shift


- sea was calm, unlike an old man sending back soup in a deli


-OIC green bar
-lots of containers
-Bridge, doorwars up stairs to cain, hatches belowdeck
- wheel to turn to get insde bridge through door
-bridge tower forms corridor with crates
-crew cabins on bridge, some below near engine room

Main cabin
-Computers, lockers, etc
-3 doors lead out, one to lower walk, one to internal stairwell, one to heads

- Insurance deal with Furness Withy
- problem incurred by OIC, fw has to dole out cash. problem caused by OIC, they get

bought out


Murder, They Rolled pyjams