James Watts


James J. Watts (JJ, Jay, James, but never Jim)

James Watts has…

above-average strength. (d10)
A year spent moving filing cabinets and such as a rookie surprised some of the older officers, who didn’t think the skinny rook had it in him.

average agility. (d12)
He’s surprisingly agile, given his lanky frame, but that statement has qualifiers for a reason.

impressive health. (d8)
He pitched in high school, and his fitness kept with him even after his fastball stopped fooling people.

below-average knowledge. (d20)
He dropped out of high school to join the Pinkertons. In retrospect, the Pinkertons probably could have waited for him.

surprising perception. (d10)
For someone who is so often blind to all but the most obvious solution, he’s quite gifted at picking up subtler tics that other detectives miss. It’s usually up to other detectives to make use of that knowledge, however.

average luck. (d12)
Much as some people would wish otherwise, bad things seem to happen to him about as often as they do anyone else.

James Watts is…

a talented writer. (d10)
There’s a typewriter in his apartment that’s seen some heavy wear in writing and rewriting his days at the office. Some day, when he’s retired, people are going to see what a hero he was.

a poor teacher. (d20)
Sometimes, James gets to work with rookies for their first case. They usually pick up some bad habits and faulty “truths” before getting steered straight by someone else.

an average bartender. (d12)
He took a job to make ends meet early on in his detective career. It got him some leads in a few tough cases, and it’s where he met Laura.

an awful trumpet-player. (d30)
People stopped pretending he was a good musician once he stopped playing baseball. He still has a well-worn trumpet in a case under the bed, though. Just in case.

a devoted husband and father. (d8)
Seeing everything so simply at the office leaves him with few doubts or worries to take out on his family when he gets home.

a trained graphologist. (d10)
He took an interest in it when it broke his first case wide open. Now, he’s one of the best in California. On good days, he can even pronounce the term.


James Watts

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