Gary Glenn


Inspector Gary Glenn

Gary Glenn has…

Above Average Strength (D10)
Above Average Agility (D10)
Above Average Health (D10)
Gary was a star swimmer and track runner in college and the police academy, and has maintained his excellent physical condition through the years.

Average knowledge of the world (D12)

Gary’s knowledge of his precinct and the wider world has expanded since his rookie days, but don’t expect him to know any details about foreign countries or practices.

Extraordinary perception (D6)

Below Average Luck (D20)

Gary Glenn is…
An inexperienced interrogator (D20)
A rookie detective (D20)
A talented driver (D8)
A charming smooth-talker (D8)
An amateur computer user (D20)
A crack shot (D10)
A calm man (D10)
A strong swimmer (D10)
A talented athlete (D8)


Gary Glenn

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