Dunkerque has….

Pitiful Strength. (d20)
He can do the pull-ups, alright? Leave him alone.

Decent Agility. (d10)
Faster is better.

Poor Health. (d12)
This office is always just a few centigrade too cold.

Some useful Knowledge. (d12)
I’ve read the manual.

Poor Perception. (d12)
These are real glasses.

Accursed Luck. (d30)
I’d have to be, to be assigned your unit.

Dunkerque is…

…Strictly by the book. (d8)
If it comes in hardback, Dunkerque’ll follow, or at least strongly consider, the advice contained within. this goes double for work. Due Process can be a long, tedious one, and if there’s a man on the job to see it through, it’s Dunkerque.

…A good driver. (d8)
Dunkerque spent a long time under the hood of his cruiser to make sure it conforms to every single specification, and he always returned it with a full tank of gas. You need to get from A to B, Dunkerque’s your guy.

…A not-so-smooth Operator. (d20)
Let’s just say that the only kind of protection Dunkerque commonly carries is for his pocket.

…Equipped for the job. (d6)
Meticulous pre-pre-planning has left Dunkerque high and dry at many important junctures at his life, like that time in elementary when he brought thirty pencils just in case everyone forgot theirs. When he reaches into his pocket, he can do so with confidence that he’s got everything he needs to get the job done.

…Not a great shot. (d12)
He goes to the range to practice as required, sure, but he’s never had to use his service pistol yet, and he hopes he never has to. Usually the sight of the damn thing is enough to instantly solve most problems, anyway.



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