Bob McGrath

fat irish fat PC detective


Born of an Irish immigrant father who arrived in Frisco during the gold rush in the 40s, McGrath is a 20 year veteran of the SFPD. Working initially as a beat cop and later a detective, McGrath joined Pinkerton’s after a recommendation from a friend and it’s growing reputation for excellent pay. Despite having seen and been involved in his fair share of shit over the years, he retains an amiable disposition and remains, in his own words, “a fat fuck with a smile always on my face”. His sunny disposition made him a lot of friends and useful contacts over the years, all the way from the poor and less reputable members of Frisco’s underclass (where he started developing assets and informants early in his career as a beat cop), to former coworkers still left back at SFPD and all the way up to friends and ex-cops involved in the local political machine and City Hall.

McGrath’s speciality as always been working people. He’s fat but not lazy and isdogged enough to chat up and work on as many witnesses, community members, and people “in the know” about things in Frisco’s criminal undercurrents as it takes to make progress on an investigation. When it comes to interrogating suspects, he’s naturally suited to play the nice cop role during questioning.

During his time with the SFPD, Kean was often on the take (hey, everyone did it) scaling from the usual occasional free food and money ‘gifts’ from local shopkeepers and community members to overlook certain things, to stifling or burying investigations as political favours to influential friends. It doesn’t bother his conscience; every machine needs a little grease to keep it running.

McGrath has

Below average health (d20)
big fat noob

shit agility (d30)
big fat noob

Excellent knowledge (d8)
knows the ins and outs of the happenings in san francisco

decent perception (d10)

Okay strength (d12)

McGrath is

well connected (d8)
in addition to those mentioned in the bio, he’s a member of a prominent Irish association with republican ties back home

fairly unflappable (d10)
able to keep calm in tense situations, or take a barrage of verbal abuse cheerfully and turn it around

an excellent communicator (d8)
real smooth talker

a decent shot (d12)

somewhat in touch with his irish heritage (d12)
goes to meets mostly by being roped in by his family, isn’t fervently catholic though

horrible in brawls and fights (d30)

a good cook (d10)
this glutton knows what he likes

streetwise (d8)
knows his way around

pretty knowledgeable about alcohol (d10)
man knows his guinnes


Bob McGrath

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